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Trans-Alpine Commute –from Martin

I spend my life chasing the snow around the world. During the winter I travel across Europe to capture the most impossible action photos for ski brands, clothing companies and ski magazines, and I make a point to drive through the Alps with my 9-3X, rather than fly over them. I love powering up the steep mountain passes, plus I can bring more gear and remain flexible when I need to move around quickly. An added bonus: there is no risk of lost luggage, strikes or volcanic ash clouds.  Read the rest of this entry »


Snow Bound –from Max

Before we were married, with our first child on the way, my wife and I purchased a 9-5 Estate just after she announced she was pregnant. Filled with excitement, joy and anticipation, we needed a car for our growing family and we needed something well suited to extended road trips to our far-flung parents. Read the rest of this entry »

Aero Design X-cellence –from Jurrien

In 2006 Saab launched the Aero X, the most beautiful, but approachable, concept car I have seen in the past 20 years. As an industrial designer currently specializing in finishes, I was mesmerized when I first tripped over it in the car and design blogs. Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. V –from David

I remember coming out of swim practice. It was a late, February afternoon and it was dark. I carpooled with my friend Josh, whose father was a short, chubby small-town judge with a generous smile. Mr. V picked us up that night in a new 900 turbo. This was in 1984 when European cars were gaining traction in my area, in a large part thanks to the poor build quality of US cars. I can say this because, well, we owned a temperamental American carriage that was becoming a shared family headache. Read the rest of this entry »

Just Drive, Man. Drive! –from John

It happens unexpectedly, really, my flying down an empty 110 freeway in the passenger seat of a rusty black Saab 900 S Aero en route to nowhere. I am back in LA again after a five-year hiatus, back in the city I love to hate. Every proper Californian boy goes through a state like that, it’s part of the experience. But at one a.m., groggy after nearly 12 hours of flight level 320, it is the best gift in the world: this topless Saab and the desert heat and the thrill of an empty LA freeway and the giant lighted towers looming downtown before us, welcoming me back, or shooing me away. Read the rest of this entry »