Trans-Alpine Commute –from Martin

by Asymmetrical Saab

I spend my life chasing the snow around the world. During the winter I travel across Europe to capture the most impossible action photos for ski brands, clothing companies and ski magazines, and I make a point to drive through the Alps with my 9-3X, rather than fly over them. I love powering up the steep mountain passes, plus I can bring more gear and remain flexible when I need to move around quickly. An added bonus: there is no risk of lost luggage, strikes or volcanic ash clouds. 

I had just finished  photographing for a Swedish clothing brand and I was returning to my house. I was really sad, actually. Given all the recent news about Saab going out of business, I knew there was a pretty good chance that this was going to be my last new one.

As a Swede raised in a Saab family, I had become attached to the brand on a very deep level before I even had a driver’s license. Once I was legal, my first car was a used 9-3 (1998), which I followed with a 9-5 Aero (2002). I drove the Aero between Sweden and the Alps, crossing over countless times during the snowiest months of the year, all while carrying full loads of  ski equipment and photo gear. After 120,000 km, I replaced the Aero with a 9-3 Sportscombi (2008), which I later traded in for the 9-3X (2010). (Apparently I go through cars pretty quickly.)

While all the previous models were unstoppable, the 9-3X felt like it was custom made for my life as a professional ski photographer, and with AWD I was even more confident while driving the steep, serpentine roads in the dead of winter. This car has been absolutely effortless in getting to any location.

What would be my next car if Saab wasn’t going to pull through this most recent crisis? What would serve my needs–which are pretty unconventional, I admit. I was having both an identity crisis and a resource crisis. This car really is an inseparable part of my life!

As I pushed the pedal down to pass a truck, something on the radio caught my attention: A Chinese investment firm was reportedly investing in Saab. This could be the last-minute savior for a company that had already spent 8 out of 9 lives, the reporter proclaimed. I thought, my next new car just might possibly be a Saab after all. Let’s all hope.